I Am Grateful

After many rewarding years representing premier nonprofit organizations and businesses, I decided this was the year to check off some items on my bucket list. Last February, I left my full-time position to start a new chapter. First up, completing the master’s degree I had been working on one course at a time for the last six years. In May, I experienced the thrill of attending the graduation ceremony and walking across the stage to receive my diploma. Next, I launched Linda Edwards Marketing. I am successfully working as a consultant helping individuals, businesses, and nonprofit organizations become more successful by increasing awareness and building strong brands people trust.

None of this would have been possible without the supportive family and friends I call my tribe. So many people listened to my plans, helped inform my direction, and offered humor and hugs exactly when they were most needed. Starting a business is equal parts exciting and terrifying, but that’s why I chose to do it. I like to do hard things. I am happy as I start each day and have found that even the challenging parts make me laugh more often than not. I’m learning new things and stretching. It feels good.

Now my tribe also includes the clients who believe in me, as much as I believe in them. Having been the client, I’ve worn their shoes and understand their perspective and frustrations. It is gratifying to lend my talents to help them achieve their goals and experience success. My involvement with a variety of industries and types of organizations is being put to good use. Marketing is about building awareness and helping audiences understand how your product or service will help them. Sure, there will always be new tactical ways to reach people, but human beings all receive information differently, so a one-size-all approach will never work. I am fortunate to still enjoy the process. I love working with clients to identify their target audiences and then developing strategies to reach them effectively. My clients do good work and it is rewarding to support their efforts.

I am grateful.

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