Help to Grow

I’m Linda Edwards, an experienced marketing communications professional, but this post is about you and what you need.

I’ve worked a variety of places in my career, but the positions that have been most gratifying have been the ones where I’ve helped people and provided a service that is needed. After a long career working in traditional positions for world-class employers, I’m taking the experience I’ve gained and delivering it as a consultant, to individuals, nonprofits, and businesses who need brand strategy, marketing, and communications support. Maybe you can’t take on a full-time staff person or maybe you need help until you can get a full-time person. You can have me—now.

Are you an individual trying to be more successful in your chosen field? A nonprofit trying to increase awareness to raise money to fund new programming? A well-established business leader wearing too many hats?

I may be able to help. Increasing awareness of you and what you represent is what I do—on a one-time project basis or with an ongoing partnership. Let’s connect. You can contact me or start with my website at to learn more about me, my experience, and how I may be able to help you build a strong brand, increase awareness, and become more successful.

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