Are you an individual trying to sell professional services? An established nonprofit hoping to build awareness? An already successful business seeking increased market share? Your marketing and communications efforts need to be as unique as the consumers you’re trying to reach.

Brand matters, and it’s not just a logo. A strong brand story establishes your identity and what people can expect. Do you know how to build a memorable brand people trust? You’ll stand out from your competition, get more leads that turn into customers, and earn higher margins on each sale.

I bring more than thirty years of experience across multiple industries. My strength is offering a strategic perspective, especially related to brand strategy and multichannel plan development. From a one-time or interim assignment to serving as your full-service marketing communications department, I can help you build a strong brand, increase awareness, and become more successful. Let’s start a conversation today.

“The Creative Writing workshop you started changed my life. You nurtured and guided all of us with patience and tact. With your help, my fledging idea grew and the Hummingbird community newsletter is now publishing its 18th edition. I thank you for being my mentor – you helped add zest to my life!”

Mona Holtman, Glenmeadow resident

“Linda and I originally started working together to relaunch my award-winning novel, Hattie. She really listened to me and my goals. The brand strategy she developed more broadly supports the expansive nature of my creative life. I am excited to be working with her, as her support encourages greater possibilities while allowing me to focus on my writing.”

Anna Bozena Bowen, author

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